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Create Your Own NFT Site

Thank you for signing up, you can now take advantage of on of our 3 quick and easy way to make money with NFTs, all of them with no cost to you. All of them allow you to use our platform to create, buy and sell NFTs. They all also allow you to have others create NFTs on your site and earn m=on that as well. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the NFT wave with no investment except your time.

Your own NFT Marketplace Site

✔ No programming and

✔ No website needed

Add NFTs to your Site

✔ No programming and

✔ Website needed


✔ Programming and

✔ Website needed

Create Your own NFT Site

This is the no programming no website needed method. We give you a website and URL to share. Fill in the a few fields and you are on your way. Create your own NFTs, invite others to create, sell and buy on your NFT marketplace. You earn for NFT creation, and sales, not only for NFTs on your Marketplace but when your users buy from others you earn on that too.

Developers API info Coming Soon


How You Earn

You will be charged $1.00 per NFT created by your users (After March 1st). We can charge your users directly for the creation of an NFT or you can charge them. When one user buys an NFT from another there is a 1% fee. If you want to take an additional fee (up to 9%) you can set that up in our system. We will collect the funds, pay you your fee, if they use a credit card (via paypal) we will deduct the paypal fees, deduct our fee and then send the rest of the money to the seller. You will have a functioning NFT market place on your site in a couple of minutes.

Add NFTs to your Site

eSignFree has developed a quick and easy way to add NFTs to your site and allow your users to create their own NFTs. No programming needed.

This will create the HTML code that you simply paste into your website. For google sites, use the embed feature.