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We are offering electronic signatures for free to everyone. By creating an infrastructure for secure electronic signatures we have 3 sources of revenue.

  • Ad Revenue - With millions of documents signed each year each document provides multiple opportunities for ad impressions.
  • Premium Services Revenue - Fees paid by customers to white label the service can bring in significant recurring revenue..
  • Infrastructure SaaS (Software as a service) - With the development of this secure transactional service we are able to sell the infrastructure as a service to other firms to include signatures, NFTs and other secure transactions on their sites without the in house cost of development and maintenance.

We are looking at a rapid growth plan in both the consumer market as well as the Infrastructure plan. Marketing and Advertising are the primary goals for 2022.

We are in Beta mode for the past 389 days and will be in this mode for the next 373 days. Our goal for Beta Users is 100. We currently have 47 users and 74 signatures.